Still Waiting

Things are at a standstill here in Bangkok. The situation here continues to become more and more frustrating as each day passes. We went to the embassy early Tuesday morning to drop off the original marriage certificate we traveled 18 hours round trip the day before to retrieve. We were told that we couldn’t hand deliver the documents despite what their web site says. We were told to cross the street and mail the package from the post office instead.

The post office didn’t open for another hour and a half so we waited patiently. Once the post office was open we went in and paid for the postage to have the package taken back across the street to the embassy the following day. It didn’t make sense at the time, and it still doesn’t.

Email is the only way to correspond with the embassy with specific questions about the visa process so I’ve been attempting to get someone to tell me that the package was received and being processed. Here it is Saturday night and we have yet to receive such a confirmation. Maybe I’m a bit gun shy due to recent events, but I haven’t been able to sleep a full night since dropping off the package.

My options are to fly home alone on Tuesday and hope that Rotchana gets her visa soon afterward and return when that happens, or try to wait it out here in Bangkok. My current stay will only allow me to remain in Thailand until December 4th, and I do have something called work expecting me back by the 1st.

Flying back and forth doesn’t seem to make much sense especially now that the holidays are approaching and fares appear to be going up quickly, but with the unknown time frame we’re dealing with I don’t know if staying is beneficial. There’s the cost of extra hotel days and the cost of changing the flights we have currently scheduled on Tuesday that will have to be taken into account. If I only knew that we’d have an answer by the end of the month I could make the decision to stay much easier. With another holiday this next week I’m doubting things will change much soon.

I guess I’ll have to make a decision by Monday night. Until then, we’re still just waiting for a miracle.

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