Back In Thailand

I hadn’t been back to Thailand since February so I was anxious to return to spend time with Rotchana. I left California on Monday the 9th and will be in Thailand until the 30th. It’s a short trip, but we’ll have fun.

My flight got into Bangkok around 11:00pm on Tuesday. We went straight to the hotel to get checked in and then we went out for the night to visit Rotchana’s sister and some friends. We finally crawled back to the hotel around 4:30am. My body’s timeclock was messed up from the travel so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I actually made it out of bed by 11:00am so at least I didn’t sleep the entire day away.

Rotchana and I got news the Friday before I left on my trip that her petition for a visa was approved by the Department of Homeland Security so we were happy to find out there’s been positive progress. There are more forms to complete and some fees to be paid, but it sounds like things are more of a filing process now rather than an investigative procedure. The National Visa Center is now in control of her package and will be letting us know when her interview with the embassy in Bangkok will take place. We’re thinking it will only be a couple of more months now before she can come back with me to the US.

We spent Wednesday going to the Royal Thai Police Department for a certificate that is required for the visa. It’s simply a document that states where Rotchana has lived her entire life and if she’s ever been arrested. Pretty simple.

We didn’t do much Wednesday evening other than go out to one of the beer gardens close the hotel. They have good food and friendly service. After eating we went back to the hotel and played games and watched some tv.

On Thursday we went to a movie and visited a market that we spent a lot of time at in my previous visits. We then went to dinner with a friend of ours at a pub and enjoyed a nice rib eye steak. It’s hard to find good beef in Thailand since there’s so little of it, but this pub imports it’s beef from Australia. It’s about as good a steak as you’ll find anywhere.

Friday morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport. We were leaving Bangkok to spend a couple of weeks on one of the southern islands of Thailand called Koh Samui. I’d never been before and it looked to be a fun place to relax and spend some time.

We arrived in Samui around 5:00pm and headed straight to the hotel. We got checked in and unpacked a few things before heading down to the beach for a bite to eat. It appears to be quite a popular spot as there is a huge bar right on the beach and they have a big party every Wednesday and Friday night with music and fireworks. We headed back in before the fireworks, but heard them throughout the night.

We’ll be heading out to explore the island over the next week or so. I’m looking forward to taking a lot of photos. From what I’ve seen so far it looks like there’s a lot of nice spots to photograph.

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