A Bit of a Scare . . .

We’ve had a busy few days since returning home from our last trip. While being gone on vacation for extended periods of time is wonderful, it also creates a long list of chores to come home to. The weather has been a bit dreary so being stuck inside has helped us get quite a bit done around the house. Catching up on all the tv shows we’ve recorded has filled our evenings as well.

Prior to leaving on our last cruise I had to remove the photos we had taken on our Mexico cruise off of my laptop. With everything being so busy with the holidays and such I had not backed up the photos to my hard drive until the last minute. I needed the extra space on my laptop due to the upcoming trip and there was no way I’d be able to fit everything on if I left it. Transferring the files over to my external hard drive worked flawlessly, though, so all was well.

The other night I decided it was time for me to start working on the Mexico cruise photos. I will usually copy the files over from my external hard drive onto my desktop computer to make working on them easier. Well, wouldn’t you know it. I could see the files on the hard drive, but copying them over was not working. It was as if the drive was running extremely slow and was making a lot of little clicking noises. Past experience was telling me that the drive was going bad. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper considering this was my only copy of the photos we’d taken over the course of 10 days while in Mexico. Nearly 1,600+ photos and video files to be exact.

After several hours of trying different things to get these photos backed up onto a good drive I had to give up. Nothing was working. My only option was to try and copy and paste them onto the new drive a folder at a time at the pace of about 5 minutes per image file. After three hours I’d managed to copy over 46 files. The good news is that once copied over they appeared to be fine and opened up without issue. The bad news is that I still had about 1,600 more to go.

I decided to take a chance and try copying everything over in one fell swoop. I knew this might not work, and if it did it would take a very long time. Well, after nearly 96 hours, every file has now been copied over to the new drive and they all seem to be fine. As for the external hard drive, well, early this morning it finally died. I couldn’t get it to show up and it just made loud, rapid clicking noises, and then silence.

Fortunately, I was able to get everything off of the drive, but it’s a scary thought that these things can just decide to die on you. I always keep two backups of everything, except this one time with the Mexico photos. I think now I need to have a third backup. With storage prices being so cheap it’s almost a no brainer. I was lucky this time. Now, if only I could figure out a way to salvage photos from a trip to Disney World a few years ago that are on a memory stick one of our dogs decided to make a chew toy out of.

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