Cruising: Day 15 – Heading Home

Our day started at 6:00am with a quick bite to eat in the buffet. We had a long day ahead of us with only airport food to look forward to so we wanted to make sure we had something in us to keep our stomachs from growling.

We met in the Michelangelo dining room as part of the first group to walk off the ship. We had an early flight that required us having to jump into a cab and head to the airport as quickly as we could make it. It all worked out well being off so early as the airport had not begun to fill up yet with the other ships’ passengers. I imagine the scene would be much different later in the day, though.

Our plane left on time for Chicago where -17 F weather was waiting for us. There weren’t any expected delays waiting for us despite the cold. When we changed planes heading out before the cruise it was in the 30’s with no snow visible. This time it was 45 degrees colder and everything was covered in ice and snow. Our connecting flight left on time and we were finally on our last leg home.

We landed with just enough time to drive the 45 minutes from the airport to our friends’ home where our dogs were staying while we were out traveling. They were excited to see us and we were happy to see them as well. We hopped back into the car and drove another 20 minutes home and made a quick wardrobe change and headed out to our local hockey team’s game for the night. The team won the game 7 to 2 so it was a great night. By the time we made it back home around 10:30pm we were ready for bed. A long day had finally come to an end.

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