Cruising: Day 4 – Curacao

Curacao was a beautiful island to visit. Our day started out with a fabulous view of the port area. The colors of the buildings were bright and made for a painting like setting. The brochures didn’t do the place justice. We were anxious to set out and see the island.

Our first excursion took us by bus to the East end of the island to a small family owned Ostrich farm. We boarded a small truck and drove around the farm looking at the different pens filled with ostriches. In all there were about 250+ of these strange flightless birds wandering around. It was fun getting to see them up close. They look nearly as stupid as they are. We were told the myth of ostriches being dumb was very much true. We witnessed that when one bird tried eating the barbed wire fence that lined it’s pen. Another one kept running into a post that was in the middle of it’s eating area. It’s no wonder they bury their heads in the ground thinking nothing can see them.

After the ostriches we went to an aloe farm. We were given a quick tour of the fields and the processing area. We were given samples of the gel straight from the plant to eat, drink, and rub over our skin. Not quite the experience I was expecting, but interesting. By the way, the gel tasted like slimy cucumbers. Not bad, but not worth eating again.

Our tour got us back to the pier about 30 minutes late and we just made our second excursion. Another 5 minutes and we would have spent the remainder of the day wandering around town instead of visiting the West end of the island.

Our tour started with a visit to a historical site where slave huts were located. It was interesting to visit, but very crowded. In all, there were about 5 other buses full of tourists trying to fit into an area about the size of a tennis court. I’m glad that this was the only place we’d see another tour bus.

After our first stop we went to an area along the North Coast of the island. This area is very flat and consists mainly of volcanic rock. There isn’t much in the way of buildings due to the terrain, but the water was blue and made for quite a show as the waves crashed up against the rocks.

We then moved farther West to a small beach hidden in a cove. The water was crystal clear, smooth as could be, and as blue as you could imagine. It was quite a contrast to the area we had just left.

On our way back to the pier we stopped at some salt flats and watched some flamingos foraging in the water looking for food. There were about 30 of them altogether. We had to keep our distance to avoid scaring them, and they were in a direct line with the sun so it was difficult getting a good view. Very interesting, though.

Our ship pulled out about an hour before sunset. We had a great time and got to see some interesting areas not normally visited by tourists. We ran into a woman after dinner and she asked how we enjoyed the shopping. She couldn’t believe it when we told her we didn’t even get close to the shopping area. Imagine that.

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