Cruising: Day 2 – At Sea

Today was a lazy day.  We made our way out of the cabin around 11:00am after sleeping in a bit.  I’m not a morning person, so it’s always great sleeping in on the ship.  The lack of windows makes it a pretty dark room so you have no idea if it’s 3:00am or 3:00pm.  Unless you’re up for bingo at 9:00am, there’s nothing to get too excited about by getting up before you’re ready to.

The weather was cloudy all day with a high temperature of about 70 degrees.  Warm enough to walk around the decks, but with the cool breeze coming off the ocean it’s not quite tanning weather yet.  This will change in a day or so.  The decks are pretty quiet, especially once the sun starts to go down.  I had hoped with the clouds that we might get a nice sunset, but there were too many.  I’ll try again tomorrow evening to get that perfect photo.

Most of our day was spent walking around the ship exploring.  My wife took a short nap while I found a quiet spot in one of the lounges to work on a Japanese lesson.  I have the Rosetta Stone program on my laptop so I can keep at the lessons during our cruise.  It’s difficult, but I think I’m learning something.  The real test will be when I actually have to put it to use.

In the evening we attended a show in one of the lounges that had a juggling act.  We’d seen it before, but it was entertaining.  That’s one problem with cruising often with the same cruise line.  We tend to see the same shows or entertainers as we move from ship to ship.  The show tonight, “Piano Man”, has been playing for a couple of years now.  It’d be nice to see something new, but it is entertaining.

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