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Photography has become a favorite hobby of mine for the past several years.  I pretty much take my camera with me wherever I go. It’s not uncommon for me take several hundred photos on a given day depending on where I am. When I’m not taking photos I’m usually on the computer processing them or working on my web site. It can be tedious at times to process so many photos after a long trip, but the end result is always worth it to me.

My biggest interest outside of photography is ice hockey. I’ve been a huge hockey fan since 1985 when a friend of mine from college took me to my first game. The game was in Los Angeles with the Kings hosting the Vancouver Canucks. The Kings pulled off a late rally in the third period to win the game and I was hooked. I ordered season tickets the following day, and didn’t miss one home game for nearly 9 years. I even made it to some road games up in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Buffalo, Detroit, Washington DC, Anaheim and San Jose. When my job relocated me to Northern California I gave up my season tickets, but not my allegiance to the Kings. Everyone said I’d be a Sharks fan within a year or two, but it’s been 18 years now and I’m still a big Kings fan. The Kings finally won the Stanley Cup this past season so the dedication finally paid off.

My photography hobby got me interested in a slide show software program called “ProShow” a few years back. There was a Yahoo discussion group online for users of the program to get together to learn and share, but it was difficult to wade through everything to find what I needed so I decided to start my own discussion forum. What started out as simply a small project has now turned into a pretty big community. As of April, 2013 there are approximately 6,400 members and nearly 17,100 topics of discussion. If you have any interest in creating slide shows with your photographs you can check it out here.

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