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South Lake Tahoe

My friend Tim and his family, minus one daughter, came down from Washington to spend a few days at South Lake Tahoe. His daughter Melissa is turning 21 soon and chose the vacation. They rented a small house not far from the lake and had another longtime friend and her family stay with them. Rotchana, […]

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Santa Cruz

Last Monday Rotchana and I took Victoria to Santa Cruz for the day. A friend from work brought his wife along, too. We left home about 6:00am for the 3 1/2 hour drive to Felton, which is a small town up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We were going to catch a train that takes […]

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Bath Time

Victoria continues to grow and change on a daily basis. Just going back and looking at older photos reminds us of how much she’s changing. She’s only 36 days old and it’s gone by quickly. I imagine time will only continue to fly by. We gave her a bath the other night and she really […]

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Almost One Month

28, 978, 364 & 19. What do these numbers represent? 28 days, approximately 978 ounces of milk & formula, 364 diapers, and 19 hours of sleep on average per day. Those numbers pretty much sum up what Victoria has been up to the first 28 days of her short life with us. Victoria is becoming […]

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Playing Around

Things have pretty much remained the same the past few days. Lots of diaper changes, feedings and naps. Rotchana and Victoria are doing well. Victoria has been gaining weight despite filling about 12 diapers every day. Our nights are pretty quiet other than the 2 hour feeding schedule. For now there aren’t any interruptions to […]

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