Settling In

We’ve been up here in Oregon for 1 month now and we’re finally getting to the point where we’re feeling a little settled in. I’ve got my bearings around town for the most part and know where to head when something’s needed. Things are starting to feel normal as opposed to always feeling new or unfamiliar but despite getting comfortable, it still hasn’t really sunk in that this is our home now. I imagine that over time that should change.

We spent the first couple of weeks here going back and forth from various stores trying to get what was needed for home. I painted a couple of walls and we put up some curtains to help personalize the space. My days off have been few and far between so we spend most of that time running errands and doing laundry. It’s been hard to find a moment to just relax.

This past week we went out and got our Christmas tree. Rotchana arrived in the US about a month before Christmas 2 years ago and we didn’t get a tree that year. Last year we missed getting a tree as well simply due to never taking the time to go get one and I didn’t want that to happen again.

Before heading out to look for a tree we had to stop at Target and buy ornaments and lights since we didn’t have anything to decorate a tree with. Rotchana and Victoria had fun picking out a variety of ornaments while I tried to figure out how many lights we needed. Once that was all done we left to go find our tree. We would have liked to go to a farm where we could cut our own tree down, but not having a truck and not having mud boots to go stomping around a farm in the rain we decided to go to a local lot for our tree. It was still fun picking out a tree and the girls didn’t know the difference.

The girls did a great job of decorating the tree and have enjoyed turning the lights on every evening. Victoria has done well not taking everything off of the tree so that’s been nice. Even Jaidee has been on her best behavior.

My work schedule has worked out that I only work 3 of the next 8 days so it’ll be nice being able to finally relax a bit and maybe go out and explore the area a bit.

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