Time for Change

Things have been busy the last couple of months, and it’s only getting busier. It’s hard to believe another year has nearly passed and it’s time for the holidays again.

When I haven’t been busy with work we’ve managed to get out and do a few things while the weather was still nice. Back in late August we went up to Reno for a quick getaway. After spending the evening at Circus Circus winning a trunk load of stuffed animals for Victoria we went up to Virginia City the next morning. We had a fun time walking up and down the main street doing some window shopping and stopping for ice cream.

At the end of September we made it up to Apple Hill to do some apple picking. We had gone late in the season last year and there wasn’t anything left to pick. We didn’t make that same mistake this year and made sure we went early enough in the season to allow Rotchana to pick some apples. It’s something she said she wanted to do since coming to America almost 2 years ago. Victoria picked her share of apples, too.

A couple of weeks ago we went into San Francisco for the day and spent the afternoon at the Steinhart Aquarium. It’d been closed for several years and had a lot of major renovations done so we were anxious to check it out. Victoria loved looking at the large fish and had fun touching the starfish in the kids area. It’s not the Monterey Aquarium, but it’s an enjoyable way to spend a day in the city.

One of the main reasons we’ve been trying to get out to do things is that we’re going to be leaving California in a couple of weeks to start a new life up in Portland, Oregon. I’m relocating with my work to manage at a new store and we’re excited for the opportunity. We’ll definitely miss California and all that it offers, but we’re looking forward to spending time taking advantage of what Oregon has as well. I’m sure we’ll be back as often as possible to visit friends and toss in a trip to Disneyland once in a while.

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