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Glass Beach – YouTube Video

Last week we took advantage of a couple of free days to go escape the 100+ degree heat here in Roseville by going to Fort Bragg along the Mendocino Coast.

We left at noon on Tuesday and took our time driving the 200 mile trip stopping now and then to eat or let Victoria stretch. She did great in the car and didn’t complain at all at being strapped in for nearly 6 hours.

We arrived in Fort Bragg a little after 6:00pm and grabbed a quick bite to eat. We then headed to Glass Beach to see if it lived up to it’s name. Unfortunately, it was high tide and most of the area we wanted to visit was under water. We still had a fun time walking along the water on the sandy beaches. Victoria’s not a fan of the sand, but she still had a fun time.

After about an hour we headed to our hotel for the evening to relax. It was nice just being able to crash and get some much needed rest. We all slept well and didn’t crawl out of bed until about 9:00am the next morning.

We headed back down to Glass Beach after a quick breakfast hoping to see more of the glass that we’d been hearing about, and we weren’t disappointed. This time the tide was down and we had access to a nice stretch of the beach that was covered in polished glass. Victoria and Rotchana had a fun time picking through all of the pieces.

While the girls were playing with the glass I went to the top of the bluff above the beach and flew my quadcopter around the area and over the water. It’s a toy I’ve recently acquired so it’s been fun flying it around and this was a great area to play with it. I’m still learning how to fly it properly, but I’m getting better and didn’t worry too much about going so far out over the water. My only concern was the pretty steady breeze blowing in. It’s fun to fly, but I really enjoy the videos that I can take with it (See video at top of post).

We stayed at the beach for a few hours and then started the drive home. On our way back we passed through Lake County where I went to middle and high school. We stopped by the house I lived in for those years and let Victoria play in the lake on the beach down from the house. She probably could have stayed to play for hours, but we still had a couple of hours to go before heading home. Needless to say, she wore herself out and slept the entire time home.

We’ll definitely have to go back another time when we have more time, or at least leave earlier in the day going out there to spend more time enjoying the area.

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