Coming Home

After having spent a few days in Lampang we hopped onto a 10 hour bus ride to Khon Kaen to stay with one of Rotchana’s friends named Som. Som has a boy named Ryan that is about a year older than Victoria and the girls joke that they will end up being married to each other when they’re older. We’ll see about that.

We only stayed one night with Som, but it was eventful. This time of year the monsoon rains begin in Thailand and we had a pretty good thunder and lightning show. We were sitting outside on the patio preparing dinner when a bolt of lightning hit very close to the home and knocked out the power for several hours. We still managed to fix dinner so it all worked out. The kids seemed to handle the loud thunder claps and we didn’t have any more close calls with the lightning.

Khon Kaen is about a two hour bus ride to Rotchana’s family’s village so we headed there the next morning. It was fun getting to see all of Rotchana’s sisters together. They hadn’t all been together for nearly 10 years so it was a fun reunion for everyone. Somehow I managed to survive a few days there with 12 females. Between Grandma, 4 sisters, 5 nieces, and Victoria and Rotchana I didn’t stand a chance. Rotchana’s son was off visiting with friends so I was left to fend for myself.

We made our way back to Bangkok by Monday afternoon and settled into our hotel. All of us were dealing with colds so we didn’t get out and do much other than grab some food and relax in the hotel. On Tuesday it was Rotchana’s birthday so we got together with friends and went out to eat. I’m glad we were able to get together and spend time celebrating Rotchana’s birthday before having to head home the next day.

My trip to Thailand went very quickly. We traveled all over Thailand accumulating about 1,050 miles on buses and got to visit with a lot of family and friends. I wish we could have stayed longer, but the girls had already been there since mid January, and I had to get back to work. We’re all looking to get back very soon, though.

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  1. Timothy Allen
    Apr 12, 2014

    Very nice and welcome back. Be careful, Mike and Rotchana. Victoria will be a young lady very soon and it all goes by in the blink of an eye. Adorable!

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