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Playing Around

Things have pretty much remained the same the past few days. Lots of diaper changes, feedings and naps. Rotchana and Victoria are doing well. Victoria has been gaining weight despite filling about 12 diapers every day. Our nights are pretty quiet other than the 2 hour feeding schedule. For now there aren’t any interruptions to […]

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Getting Settled

It’s been quite an adjustment the last 5 days. What used to be a fairly regular routine has been completely turned upside down, but there are no complaints. Everyone warned me prior to the baby arriving that sleep would no longer be an option. That has turned out to be true to a degree, but […]

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Well, Hello There!

Friday the 12th marked the 40th week of Rotchana’s pregnancy. It was also the expected delivery date. Given that Rotchana was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the doctor didn’t want her to go too much past the expected delivery date so we pretty much planned on having Victoria arrive on or before the 12th at the […]

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Any Day Now

On our last visit to the doctor this past Thursday we learned that Victoria could be arriving at any moment. Rotchana’s scheduled to give birth on Friday the 12th, but she’s starting to have contractions and could go into labor at any minute. Needless to say we’re both very excited, but nervous at the same […]

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