Quick Trip to the Snow

Last Thursday Rotchana had her first doctor visit here in California. It was an initial visit to get her acquainted with the office and also get information from her so they knew what type of preparations she’d been doing in Thailand for the baby’s arrival. A lot of paperwork had to be filled out and then they took her vitals along with some blood work. All in all we spent about an hour taking care of everything and then left with some information to read over at home. We’ll be back on the 16th when she’ll meet with the doctor that will be performing her delivery.

After the doctor’s appointment we went for lunch at a small Thai restaurant near my work. I’d eaten there once before and thought Rotchana would like it. The young lady that had served me the first time was from Thailand and had been here for 5 years so I thought Rotchana would enjoy being able to speak with someone in Thai. She enjoyed the food and the conversation so it was a successful stop.

Rotchana had been wanting to go see snow since she got here so we took advantage of the nice weather to head up the hill. We didn’t have a lot of time since we got a late start, but we made it up to an area by Donner Lake around 2:00pm. She was able to stand in the snow and touch it for the first time. Believe it or not, she made the comment that “It’s really cold!”

We only spent a little while taking some photos before heading back, but she enjoyed her first time in the snow and looks forward to being able to spend more time in it. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go up while it’s actually snowing.

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