Passing Time

Under different circumstances I’d really enjoy my time spent in Bangkok, but right now I can’t wait to leave. This is all assuming that Rotchana gets her visa. I just want the wait to be over and get past this stressful period. Little did I know when I hopped off the plane back on the 6th that so much would still be up in the air.

I’ve cancelled my plane tickets to return home on the 20th and will wait to see if something positive happens before I have to return to the US. My current stay will expire on the 4th of December, so hopefully things will happen before then.

For the time being we’re spending our days hanging out at the hotel and going to the nearby park. Rotchana has kept busy knitting a sweater and I wander around taking photos. There isn’t much to do that will take our minds off of the visa situation, but we’re doing our best.

Tomorrow is another day and with that comes the hope that something good will come our way.

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  1. Timothy Allen
    Nov 20, 2012

    Thinking of you guys pretty much every day, Mike. I am hopeful it works out.

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