Moving Along Quickly

After waiting nearly a year for this whole visa process to wrap up, things are moving quickly now. We received an email about two weeks ago telling us that Rotchana’s interview had been scheduled for November 14th. That got a lot of things set in motion. I bought plane tickets, made hotel reservations, notified work, etc.

Two days ago I found out that the embassy contacted Rotchana by phone to let her know that they’ve moved up her interview date to the 8th. We’re both excited that things are getting pushed up, but at the same time it created a whirlwind of activity due to the change. I had to change flights and update reservations, but Rotchana also had to adjust her plans to leave Bangkok and spend time with her family before the interview.

Looks like I’ll be arriving early on the 6th after my long flight. It’s going to be a nerve wracking couple of days before she goes in for the interview. We’re both very optimistic that it’s a slam dunk, but there is a small part of us that is still worried. Let’s just hope the worry is for nothing.

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  1. Timothy Allen
    Oct 26, 2012

    Keep the faith, Mike.

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