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I take a lot of photos of houses for sale and rarely do I find a home that leaves much of an impression. I’ve shot homes that looked like they were better suited for a bulldozer, as well as homes that are quite luxurious. Either way I usually take the photos and forget about them once I’ve finished working on the images.

Today was a little different. My assignment was to photograph a 7,200+ square foot home located on a parcel of about 3 acres surrounded by cherry orchards. I’ve done several of these types of shoots in the past so I wasn’t expecting much to be different.

Before I arrived at the home I had to enter through a security gate that led to a private road shared by 3 different homes. The home I was to take photos of was located at the very end of the road, at which point a long, flower lined driveway led to the house. As I approached the house it appeared to be a large Mediterranean style home with huge gardens surrounding it. The grounds were impeccable with trees, flowers and statues all around.

Once I got inside the home it was also very nice, but nothing I hadn’t seen before. It was only until I got to the upstairs rooms that I saw something I hadn’t seen before. The homeowner is a huge collector of vintage signs and memorabilia. I’m not talking about one small room with a few items here and there. I’m talking about a couple thousand square feet of the stuff. There was even a room that had a huge iron safe door that housed display cases and the like.

There were old bikes, vending machines, gas pumps, novelties and toys, signs of all sizes and shapes, and many other items. The entire upper floor was filled with the stuff, and believe it or not, the homeowner had already removed a majority of the items.

I’ve never been much of a fan of these types of items, but I was still impressed by the size and scope of the collection. In the largest of the rooms there was even an entire saloon style bar installed that was probably 30 feet in length. This guy is serious about his collecting.

Anyhow, I just thought it was pretty cool that he was able to collect so much of this stuff. The photos below don’t properly represent how much stuff this guy really has. I can only imagine how difficult it will be to find another place that can display all of it again.

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