Quick Trip Into San Francisco

Today I finished up some work early so I decided to drive over to San Francisco. The weather was pretty nice so I thought it would make for a nice trip.

I headed over to Baker Beach near Lincoln Park. It’s one place I’ve never been to while in the city and wanted to check it out. You get a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the ocean side of the peninsula and it’s a view not many tourists get to see. There were a few people out jogging or fishing, but for the most part the beach was pretty empty.

I then headed south to Ocean Beach. There was a little more activity, but it was still pretty quiet. A few people were walking their dogs along the surf, but that was about it.

I was going to stay until sunset, but since there was at least an hour or so before that would happen I decided to head back towards home and stop at Treasure Island for the sunset. I got there about 20 minutes early and waited for the sun to do it’s thing. It set just behind the southern edge of the Golden Gate Bridge and created a very orange sky. The only thing missing might have been some clouds to create a more dramatic scene. It was still a nice sunset, though.

Once the sun was below the horizon I made the hour long trip back home with a stop at In-n-Out for dinner. Not a bad way to finish a nice day.

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