Heading To Toronto

I left the house at 5:00am to catch a flight from Sacramento to Buffalo, NY. As is typical with Southwest Airlines I got a tour of the country enroute to Buffalo. We made a quick stop in Burbank and then another stop in Phoenix before finally heading east. The flight was uneventful, but it was a long day of traveling. I finally made it to Buffalo around 7:00pm.

I had a rental car waiting for me so I could finish the last leg of my trip to Toronto. The drive is about 100 miles or so, and being dark out already there wasn’t much to see. I did go a little out of my way to stop by Niagara Falls, though. I stopped along a road that runs beside the Niagara River down a bit from the falls for a view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Canadian side of the falls. I didn’t have a view of the falls, but the bright lights of the hotels and casinos made for a colorful scene with the mist of the falls coming in from the left. I needed a tripod, but didn’t have one with me so I made use the best I could with a chain link fence so I could take a picture.

I made it into Toronto by 9:30pm and got checked into the hotel. Tomorrow morning I pick up my friend Sam from the airport and we’ll begin our weekend of doing all things hockey related. We have a busy weekend ahead, but it will be a great time!

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