High Sierras

The other day I had a few free hours so I decided to take a quick drive up to one of my favorite areas in the Sierras. Caples Lake is located about 100 miles from Stockton and sits about 7,000 feet up in the Sierras. Last summer the lake was drained for some repair work to the dam, so I thought I’d go up and see how things look now that it’s full of water again.

The drive up to Caples Lake is an easy one. Highway 88 leaves the flat area of Stockton and then makes it’s way through the foothills past Jackson and a few other small towns before climbing up to the higher elevations of the Sierra. Even though there hasn’t been any snow falling for months there are still patches here and there along the road in the shade. Once you reach Caples Lake there are snow capped mountains surrounding the lake. During the winter the lake is completely frozen and covered with snow. Right now the lake is surrounded by fisherman hoping to catch some late season trout.

I drove past the lake a few miles to see if the Aspens have started to change color yet. Most of the trees are still pretty green, but I found a few groves that were golden yellow. I imagine the scene will be much different in a few short weeks.

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