Sayonara Party

This was the last weekend remaining of the girls’ visit here in America. On Saturday night the students held a Sayonara Party at the school they’ve been attending. It was a fun night to spend with all of the students and the host families, but it was also sad since it meant our time together was coming to an end.

Each of the students prepared a main dish to be served at the party for everyone to enjoy. Many of the students made egg rolls, which are quite different from what you’d expect. It’s basically an egg only omelette rolled up and seasoned with sugar. Sounds odd, but it’s actually quite good. Our girls made Nikujaga, which is a beef and potato stew. They had made it for us a couple of weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. If we ever make it to Japan we’ll know what to order.

After everyone ate their dinner the students had several performances prepared for us. Some of the demonstrations consisted of karate, kendo, ballet, singing, story telling, dancing and a tea ceremony. Many of the students wore kimonos or other traditional Japanese clothing. The final performance was all of the students standing together singing “We are the World”. They all did a nice job of entertaining us.

The students had two more days of school remaining so it wasn’t an official goodbye, but it was a nice time to get together as a group and share some stories with each other before they leave for home.

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