Weekend in San Diego

I had a nice time down in San Diego visiting with my high school friend, Tim. After staying Thursday night at my sister’s house in Stevenson Ranch I got up at 5:00am to play golf with her husband at Robinson Ranch in Santa Clarita. We had a good time and the course was a lot of fun to play. We finished up and had lunch before I headed back out on the highway to finish my drive down to San Diego.

When I left home the weather was in the mid 80’s and climbing, but by the time I reached San Diego it was only in the high 60’s with a layer of fog hanging over the coast. It was cool, but comfortable. I met up with Tim at a restaurant near the beach for dinner after he picked up a new motorcycle after work. Tim enjoys his toys on wheels.

Tim went into work for an hour or so on Saturday morning while I got some extra sleep and then we headed out to the golf course. He hadn’t played in over a year and my round the day before was my first in a couple of months so we didn’t have much in the way of expectations. We had fun, though. We then went down to the Gas Lamp area of downtown San Diego and had dinner.

On Sunday we went for lunch at a local sandwich shop near his base and then headed out to Cabrillo National Monument. From atop the bluffs we could see where his sub was in dry dock, as well as the skyline of San Diego. There was a lot of haze and fog out so the view wasn’t as spectacular as it could be, but it was still a really nice view. We walked around the area and went into the old lighthouse that sits on top of the hill. We then drove down towards the beach to take a look at the tide pools, but the tide was in and we couldn’t get down to see anything. The cliffs were really neat, though.

Tim went back to work on Monday morning and I started out on my long drive home. It went uneventfully and I was home in time to barbecue dinner. The weekend went by quickly, but I enjoyed getting to visit with Tim again and spend some time down in San Diego. Hopefully we can get together again later this summer.

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