I’m Getting Old

Tonight I joined a friend of mine in a game of roller hockey in a nearby town. Scott and his family sit in the row in front of my wife and I at the hockey games we attend. His daughter plays in a roller hockey league and at one of her practices he found out that the rink sets aside two hours in the evenings on Thursdays for players 35 and older to get together for a pickup game. He thought I might be interested so he asked me to come on down.

I haven’t played hockey since I participated in a charity event in Denver last May. I ended up playing 20 of the 24 hours that the event took place and was worn out and sore for several days afterward. Prior to that I hadn’t played in nearly 10 years. So, as you could imagine, tonight was another test of endurance.

It was a pretty casual scene with only about 8 of us out there. There was a 9 or 10 year old that filled in as goalie for us. He switched sides now and then to make it even. I felt like I skated okay and only took one hard fall when I had my feet swept out from under me from behind. No injuries, but I do have two large blisters on my left hand, and a small fat lip from an errant stick that caught me off guard. That’s hockey, though. Any pain I have right now is nothing compared to what I’ll feel tomorrow. I feel beat. My guess is that I’ll sleep pretty well tonight.

I had a fun time and will probably go back again next week. I love hockey, and being able to play a little is great. If nothing else, it will help get me back into shape. I still feel young, but my body is reminding me that I’m getting older. I need to work on that.

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