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I’m Still Here

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write about things.  I’ve been meaning to type something up, but have either gotten busy and forgot, or just didn’t know what to write about.  There hasn’t been much going on around here the past several weeks other than some work and going to a […]

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Interesting Adventure

Where in the Hell is Matt? I ran across the video above a few months ago and found it to be really cool. The story behind the video is about one man’s journey and how a simple concept can turn into an amazing adventure. To read about the history of Matt and his story, go […]

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I’m Getting Old

Tonight I joined a friend of mine in a game of roller hockey in a nearby town. Scott and his family sit in the row in front of my wife and I at the hockey games we attend. His daughter plays in a roller hockey league and at one of her practices he found out […]

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Poor Captain

My younger sister is married and has two awesome kids, Lauren and Ethan. They’ve not had a pet in their house for several years and the kids have been begging for a dog for quite some time. They always have a great time when they visit us and our two small dogs. Well, my sister […]

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