Cruising: Day 1 – Embarkation

We’re off on our adventure. There was a group of passengers flying into Miami that was delayed for some reason and the ship waited for them before pulling out about a half hour late. As always, there was a small group that had to complain, but most of the people took it in stride. After all, we have two full sea days ahead of us, so it’s not like we’re going to miss anything.

While waiting to board the ship we read some comments on Cruise Critic from passengers that were on the previous cruise aboard the Grand Princess. It seems there were some problems with the thrusters on the ship causing docking problems in some of the ports. Tenders were used in some ports, and one port was cancelled altogether. I guess it got some passengers pretty ticked off. I’ve never understood why some passengers get so bent out of shape over stuff like this. It’s not like Princess chose for the thrusters to not work. Apparently Princess gave everyone on the ship a $75 credit to their account. Seems like a nice gesture to me.

As it turned out, when we left the pier we had to use the services of a tugboat to pull us away from the pier. Looks like the thruster issue is still a problem even though there hasn’t been any announcement about it. It’ll be interesting to see how this crowd handles it. As for my wife and I, we’ll be happy either way. We’re on vacation, right?

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