Will It Ever End?

I’m now officially on day 11 of being sick. I thought I was getting better, but the symptoms I didn’t have before are now here. I never have liked the taste of cold and cough medicines, but I think I’m beginning to acquire a taste for them. The scary part is that they are starting to taste pretty good, actually. Maybe it’s just because my taste buds have been out of whack for a week or so that everything doesn’t taste normal.

Thank you to all of you that have contacted me about the calendars. I’m overwhelmed by how many of you are out there that I was not aware of. So far I’ve shipped out a total of 47 copies, and have several more in process. That’s crazy! I’ve sent copies to Australia, Japan, Germany, England, Mauritius, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Canada and the good ol’ US of A. How are all of you finding this blog? Now that I’ve done a few I can tell you that I end up with about a 37 cent profit per calendar printed. Mr. Trump, watch out!

My wife and I spent a few hours last night going over our excursion options for our cruise coming up in January. We’ll be traveling in the Eastern Caribbean area so it should make for some fun times. We’ve had nothing but gray skies since returning home from Mexico, so this will be a welcome change of scenery. This is all assuming I’ll be well again.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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