Cruising: Day 8 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When we walked out on the deck first thing this morning we noticed there were two other ships already anchored in the bay outside of Cabo San Lucas. Looking out past the famous “Land’s End” rocks we could see another ship headed in as well. It was going to be a busy and crowded day in Cabo San Lucas.

Fortunately, we were on a tour that took us out of the main part of town and up into the arid tropical forest. We took another 4×4 Mercedes truck like the one we rode in while visiting Puerto Vallarta. The ride lasted about 45 minutes and wound it’s way up a dirt road passing through cactus and trees native to the area. We stopped for a short walk along a trail so we could get a closer look at the different types of cactus while being given a short lecture on the history of the area.

Once the walk was over we drove to a family’s ranch for a homemade meal and some tequila. I’m not a drinker so I enjoyed Mexico’s version of Coca Cola. It’s sweeter than what is found in the US, but I was told it was because of the type of sugar used to make it. I’ll take his word on it. Just about everyone else sampled a few different varieties of tequila and seemed to enjoy it. We also had the opportunity to eat a grasshopper as an appetizer. It wasn’t all that bad. A little crunchy and salty, but not disgusting as some would believe.

The meal consisted of rice, beans, fajitas, beef prepared in a mole sauce, machaca and fresh tortillas. It goes without saying that it was a great meal. We were all offered much more than we could eat so nobody left hungry.

When we returned to town we had about an hour to walk around. We made our way up and down the marina fighting through the crowds. In year’s past we’d been able to stroll along the sidewalk and take our time. Today we pretty much had to keep an eye out for everyone else and make sure we didn’t run into anyone or get run over ourselves. It was still a nice walk as we looked at all the pelicans hanging out on all the boats and docks.

As is always the case in Cabo, we had to take a tender back to the ship. We went to the room thinking we’d have about 45 minutes before the ship pulled out. About 30 minutes later we realized that the sun was setting so we ran back out to the deck on the 7th floor. The sunset that greeted us was probably the best we’ve seen in a long time. The combination of the pinks and oranges in the sky set up against the “Land’s End” rocks was spectacular. Add in a couple of cruise ships with all their lights on and it became quite a scene. The light changes so quickly that you rush to try and get the perfect photo. Looking back at them on my laptop it’s hard to say if they came out the way I wanted them to. When I get home and have the chance to view them on my monitor I’ll be able to see for sure.

We’re headed back to San Francisco with a couple of sea days in between. Time to start going through all the photos and prepare for life back at home.

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