Cruising: Day 4 – At Sea

Our last sea day for a while consisted of hanging out on the deck enjoying the sun and watching a few shows in the evening.

While out on deck we looked below to the water keeping an eye out for anything that might swim by. As it turned out we didn’t see any dolphins or whales, but we did see some flying fish and a couple of sea turtles. We’d seen flying fish many times before, but this was the first time to see turtles. It’s interesting how the ship can randomly come across these small animals.

We attended another one of the art auctions. We tend to do a few of these each cruise even though we don’t buy anything most of the time. We just enjoy looking at the paintings and learning about the different artists. Our favorite artist is Alexandra Nechita. We learned about her a few years ago on another cruise. She’s 24 now and just graduated from UCLA with an art degree, but she’s been painting since she was 2 years old and is considered a prodigy of sorts. At age 8 she had her first exhibition and now some of her paintings sell in the 7 digit area. Her nickname is the “Petite Picasso” because her art is similar. The ironic thing is that she’d never heard of him or seen his art until after she’d been painting for many years. What we like most of all is the colors. We purchased one of her works a couple of years ago and always talk about others we’d eventually like to get. They’re getting expensive so I’m not sure if we’ll ever get another one. It’s always fun to look, though.

The first show we attended was a comedy juggling act. Normally these tend to be a bit on the corny side with very little energy. This one turned out to be very entertaining. The comedy was really good and the juggling turned out to have some new stuff that we hadn’t seen before. The highlight of the show was when he pulled a small girl up on stage to help him out. She stole the show and got the biggest applause of the evening. He didn’t seem to mind, though.

The second show was performed by the Star Princess singers and dancers. It was tribute to Broadway and some of the famous writers. I’d heard of the names, but a lot of the songs were new to me. It was still entertaining.

After our last cruise on the Dawn Princess, the entertainment on this cruise is by far much better. I still don’t quite understand what happened on the other ship. This one seems so much better in all aspects.

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