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Cruising: Day 6 – Honolulu, Oahu

As we made our way into the port in Honolulu we noticed that a US submarine was being escorted in beside us. It’s always fun seeing something different like that (unless you’re my friend Tim who makes his living on one). It looked pretty big, and I’m sure it was even larger under the water. […]

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Cruising: Day 5 – At Sea

Today was our last day at sea before we arrive in Honolulu early tomorrow morning. We’re still about 200 miles away, but so far we’ve travelled nearly 1,900 miles since leaving San Francisco last Wednesday. It’s amazing at how quickly it goes by, though. You’d think being limited to where you could go it would […]

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Cruising: Day 4 – At Sea

We spent most of our day outside on the deck as the weather has started to warm up a bit. The dark clouds from the night before were gone by morning and the deck chairs were full most of the day. The average age of the passengers seems to hover around 130 (okay, a bit […]

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Cruising: Day 3 – At Sea

Today was another pretty lazy day at sea. We slept in almost as late as yesterday, but with an extra hour of sleep provided by the time change, we actually slept longer. Days at sea will do this. We attended an art auction after lunch. We’ve done this before, and have actually purchased some art […]

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Cruising: Day 2 – At Sea

Today was a lazy day.  We made our way out of the cabin around 11:00am after sleeping in a bit.  I’m not a morning person, so it’s always great sleeping in on the ship.  The lack of windows makes it a pretty dark room so you have no idea if it’s 3:00am or 3:00pm.  Unless […]

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